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Essential Oil Saturdays#6 - How Are They Extracted?

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Essential Oil Saturdays#6 - How Are They Extracted?
This is the sixth post in my series on Essential Oils.  Today we are focusing on "How Essential Oils are Extracted" from plants.
I am going to explain this as simply as possible and I will not go into great detail (mainly because I am NOT a chemist and I do not understand the details - lol).
As we have learned in previous posts: an essential oil is the aromatic liquid that is found within certain flowers, leaves, trees, seeds and roots.
Essential oils are totally different from cooking oils like "olive oil."  Olive oil is squeezed out of the olives by compressing slowly on the olives, whereas essential oils are extracted through steam distillation.  This process requires gigantic amounts of plant parts to extract small amounts of essential oils.  As an example it takes about 5,000 pounds of fresh rose petals (do you realize how light weight a rose petal is?) to produce 1 kilo of essential rose oil.

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