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5 Ways To Show HAPPINESS

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo SundayHappy2_zpslcgy3f7m.jpg

5 Ways To Show HAPPINESS

Have you noticed that people are walking around like zombies lately?  Smiling at strangers is now considered creepy and never making eye contact is encouraged for safety reasons.  We walk around with our head down while focusing on our smart phones.  We now show our happiness through emojis instead of actually smiling, laughing and really expressing our joy.  Therefore, today we will be studying 5 ways to show our happiness.

1.  Through Good Works
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Doing something good for someone else just because it's the right thing to do will give you the most wonderful deep down to your soul feeling - it's called happiness.  By "good work" I am not talking about something where you receive something else in return (like monetary reward or free gift etc).  It's an action that helps someone else. 
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2.  Day By Day - Accepting the Good with the Bad
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We have been saved by the blood of Jesus and now have eternal life - that is enough to make us happy forever!  This is why, even when times are tough, we need to let the joy of Jesus Christ shine through our lives.
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3.  Through Songs of Praise
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God did not bless me with a good singing voice - I could probably empty an auditorium with my horrible voice and to be honest, I dislike singing out loud.  However, that does not mean that I do not enjoy listening to worship music.  What I do is follow along with these hymns and sing to myself silently in my head - this is still worshiping through song.
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4.  By Being Thankful For God's Blessings
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Be glad with what God has given you today.  Be thankful and happy with the situation that you are in right now.  God might have a change planned for your future but ONLY be concerned with today and be satisfied with the here and now.
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5.  With Smiles & Laughter
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 Modern society has unfortunately changed the meaning behind smiling.  Many people make sure never to make eye contact in public and consider someone who smiles at strangers creepy.  However, science shows that laughter and smiling is very healthy.
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