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Part#3 Jesus Is - THE GATE/DOOR


Part#3 Jesus Is - THE GATE/DOOR

Today we are continuing in the "Jesus Is" series.
In the book of John, there are 7 ways in which Jesus described himself:

Today we are focusing on Jesus "The Gate/Door"
(some Bible versions use the word "gate" and others use "door")

Previously in this series we have learned that Jesus is The Bread of Life giving us sustenance for growth, and about Jesus the Light of the world, which will give us a vision for planning the future.SundayJesusGATE2

I believe that the gate or door symbolizes "guidance" or God showing us the pathway which leads to a decision.  To clarify, there is a difference between a vision (which is what we focused on in Part#2) and guidance to a specific pathway.  The gate is a decision made.

I am going to give you an example from my own life.  I was very thankful to have attended a high school that had a fantastic Art program.  Twice during my high school years we took a field trip to the Toledo Museum of Art (which happened to be about 60 miles away).  During my second visit, (I would have been a senior), I remember entering by the door near their Art school and I immediately got a vision or extreme urging from the Holy Spirit telling me that in the future I would end up there.  Now, I thought that meant that I would be attending the Art school at T.M.A., but that did not happen.  However, I did end up moving and living in the Toledo Area.  You see, that vision gave me the desire, which ended up being a decision to move to this area (which I believe wholeheartedly that this was/is His Will for my life).

Look at Matthew 7:13-14 (see picture above), the Christian walk is a narrow gateway that leads to an expansive eternal life!  The "gateway" is salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior!  Without Jesus you might find yourself stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on an 8 lane highway.  Even though that highway might be a broad road - the only way to the open, free road is by the narrow exit - Jesus Christ.

Walk with Jesus and He will show you the gate to your pathway!


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  1. Your personal story added so much to this biblical metaphor!


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