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The Science of Life - FINGERS


The Science of Life - FINGERS

I have never seen so much importance put on "science" until this Pandemic started.  Now don't get me wrong, I think it's great, but it got me thinking about why "science" is almost ignored when it comes to fetal development and the topic of abortion.

Today is the sixth post in a series where we study the science of life.  In April's "Science of Life" post we focused on DIGESTION (click HERE to view that post).  This series will be free of attacks and politicization.  I am going to detail a single part of gestational development in each post in the absolute basic of scientific terms ("basic" because that is my scientific level).  Which brings me to my disclaimer and details:

1.  I am NOT a doctor and I am NOT giving medical advice or any advice of any kind.  The information below came from my online research.
2.  I will NOT be publishing any comments.  This is an attack free series.
3.  I will be sharing my opinion from my Christian perspective which will appear below the dotted line.  If you do not wish to read my Christian perspective, then simply do NOT scroll past the dotted line - it's that simple.
4.  Sometimes I will include articles that emphasize or enhance the scientific topic of the post.

Today we will be focusing on fingers 
(including fingerprints):

The following lists the chronological development of fingers in the womb:

Webbed Hands - at two months in the womb, the baby has webbing between fingers.

10 Distinct Digits -  the webbing begins to disappear about two & a half months and the fingers are totally separate from any webbing by 11 weeks. 

Finger Pad -  this is the fleshy part at the end of the finger where fingerprints will eventually develop.  Pads on the fingertips and palms typically develop during the third month of pregnancy. 

Skin Layer -  during the third and fourth month of gestation the layers of skin develop. 

Ridge Pattern -  faint lines begin to appear on the fingertips around four months and by six months pregnancy the baby's fingerprints are fully developed. 

Fingernails -  this development is a lengthy one.  Fingernails start to develop around the 14th week of pregnancy but are not fully formed until near the end of pregnancy (week 34). 

No two fingerprints have ever been the same!
Experts have said that our fingerprint patterns are similar to that of our parents (pattern types can be genetically inherited) but the print itself will NEVER be identical.

Fingerprint Patterns There are 3 identifying patterns in fingerprints: Loop, Whorl & Arch (see picture below)

(The following fingerprint example was found on ""):

Loops, Whorls, and Arches - Fingerprints - Soma Technology, Inc.


This means that the baby has developed his/her own unique identifiable fingerprints at 6 months in the womb!!!!

Fingerprints may become detectors of disease risks

"researchers, in Atlanta and New York, have now shown that differences in fingerprints between the thumb and little finger are associated with likelihood of developing diabetes later in life"
(click HERE to view entire article)

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Since fingerprints are used to prove the identity of someone at any crime scene, then why isn't a fingerprint proof of identity in the womb?  How can you say that we all have our own unique fingerprints but then say that a 6 month old fetus in the womb (with fully developed fingerprints) is not a unique human life? 

If you have had an abortion in the past and are struggling with that decision today, then please know that God will forgive you!

 "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."

"All unrighteousness" covers all sins.  Pray to God, confess your sins to Him and He will forgive you!

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