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I think I have a thing for edible roses.  Last Valentine's day I learned how to make chocolate covered strawberries that look like roses and this year I learned how to make a rose out of Hershey's kisses.  I pinned this idea for strawberry roses on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try.  Unfortunately, it's one of those pins that's a dead end when you click through, but luckily there was enough information in the image to give me a basic idea of what to do.  And after making a few of these strawberry roses, I can give you a few pointers and tips that worked for me.

To create this, I made a Raspberry-Cherry sauce and then layered it with MΓΌller® Ice Cream Inspired Vanilla Bean Yogurt. The sauce was made by combining raspberries and cherries with a little bit of water, and then cooking it down to release the liquid.

This strata showcases tomatoes, zucchini, bacon, and feta. Best of all? You don’t have to prep it the night before! By using a delicate, flaky croissant, the eggs and milk soak in quickly and perfectly.

My purse all too often becomes a catch all for the junk I encounter while out of the house.
It’s just too easy to toss something in my purse and deal with it later. Unfortunately, later can sometimes take a while to roll around. Receipts, old notes, and lots of lip products usually make up most of my purse clutter, but that changed yesterday because I decluttered my purse.

One thing we can be thankful for is God’s wisdom, which in turn makes us wise when we follow him. Serving these cute wise owl cupcakes will help us remember to be thankful, and it gives kids an added lesson in wisdom as well! 

Shane and I both love to go to antique stores and auctions.
Many times we are looking for something with a purpose and we enjoy the hunt.
I also enjoy the bargaining process. 

We went shopping that day with the measurements wrote down that would fit the space we were shopping for.
Handy Hubby had his tape measure and we both had the vision in our heads.
We also had a price point that we would not go over.

We were searching for something to re-purpose into a coffee station.

Sewing is a timeless and highly useful skill. You can sew items for yourself, your friends, your pets, or your home. But if you’re a beginner, it may be hard to narrow down all the pattern possibilities and find a project that you’ll actually understand, and better yet, actually finish! So if you’re a total beginner or have a little more experience, check out these quick and easy sewing projects below!

Our new and innovative mix of the perfect ingredients will give you Dramatically Radiant & Youthful Eyes by: 
• Eliminating Dark circles, Puffiness, Dryness and Sagging around the eyes.
• Increasing elasticity and plumps the skin around eyes.
• Providing a youthful texture around the eyes.
• Moisturizing the delicate eye area to prevent premature aging.
• Useful for the entire face. Can be applied all over the face for an enhanced glow and a more radiant looking face. 

Here is a delicious recipe just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Guinness Chocolate Donuts with Baileys Glaze, yes and they are delicious. What is your favorite St. Patty’s Day Recipe? Since there is nothing to do because its so cold….yes 25 below zero is just crazy. I’ve been wanting to try these so I figured why not now! Do you have a Guinness fan or Baileys lover? I’m not big on beer but these were amazing!

I’m going to admit that I’ve wanted to a do a post like this for quite some time, essentially ‘A Day in the Life’ sort of bit, and for a few reasons. First and foremost is the pure self-indulgence of the process. Second, however, is to give a small glimpse into the sites day to day for those who may be unfamiliar with the process.

As I was skimming through my photo library, 
I remembered how "ab-fab" that mansion was,
so even though it's been a few months, I'm bringing it back. 
I am determined to finish showing you the entire home!

Joyce Meyer is one of my favourite Bible Teachers. The way she teaches has inspired me, challenged me and encouraged me. When she shares her testimonies and the struggles she has overcome with her temper and patterns of thoughts etc, I can totally relate to her, and I'm encouraged to see how God has used her and transformed her through His word.

 White rice with quinoa
Broccoli and Carrots
Chicken with Tofu

“They shall be Mine,” says the Lord of hosts, “On the day that I make them My jewels.” ~Malachi 3:17~
“Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honored his name.

We went strawberry picking the day before Valentine’s Day, so I made a few jars of my grandmother’s strawberry jam. I thought it would be artsy to use Valentine crochet canning jar covers on the jars I gave as gifts. A couple of weeks ago while strolling through Hobby Lobby, I picked up a few skeins of I Love This Cotton Yarn along with two or three packages of Valentine craft ribbon and one package of Valentine heart colored buttons. I had no idea what I was going to do with the buttons, but they were just too cute to resist. I probably should have picked up more than one package.

I decided I would share this CopyCat Chick-fil-A Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe with you today. With warmer weather on the way, sandwich recipes are a great idea for lunches and quick and easy dinners. I shared our CopyCat Starbucks Egg Salad with you as well as our CopyCat Panera Tuna Salad Sandwich. All of these sandwiches are great and will allow you to whip up a quick meal.

So today I'm excited to finally show you my Laundry room. I was contacted by Danielle at Blissful and Domestic to do a You Tube Collaboration about a space in our home that we have decorated on a budget. My laundry room definitely fits that bill, its a DIYers dream. There were several projects I did in the laundry room that not only were cheap but came out beautifully. I hope you enjoy the video tour below! Don't forget to check out the other 8 collaborators videos as well. 

Irish Colcannon Soup – Lenten Recipes
Upstate Ramblings

Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish of mashed potatoes mixed with cabbage.  This recipe combines the same flavors, but the potatoes are used to make a creamy soup and mixed with cabbage for a hearty vegetarian soup.

Written Reality

Do you wish you had more time to spend with your family and less time in the kitchen?

Or does the thought of cooking after a long day make you just want to order takeout?

So many busy families struggle with getting dinner on the table every night. But dinner doesn’t have to be stressful.

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