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Creamy Cauliflower Veggie Soup - Gluten Free Thickened

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Cream of Cauliflower & Veggie Soup

Cauliflower always seems to be the most fresh veggie available during the long winter months and I thought that it was about time that I share my "Cream of Cauliflower & Veggie Soup" recipe with all of you.  This recipe is Gluten Free & it is NOT thickened with flour - instead I used corn starch. 

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by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo 005_zpsa941hahu.jpg by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo 006_zpsh8150hu3.jpg
1 medium onion (peeled & chopped)
2 celery stalks (rinsed & chopped)
2 large carrots (peeled & chopped)
1 small head of cauliflower (rinsed & chopped)
1 cup mushrooms (rinsed & chopped)
1 clove garlic (peeled & minced) (or garlic powder)
basil & ground black pepper to taste
4 cups chicken broth plus 1 chicken bouillon cube
2 cups milk
1/4 cup or 1/3 cup corn starch (depending on your desired thickness)
Olive oil for sautéing

Prepare ingredients as listed above.  In a large pot - sauté the onions, celery & garlic (if you are using a clove of garlic) for a few minutes.  Then add the carrots, cauliflower, chicken broth (including the extra bouillon cube), basil & pepper.  Bring to a boil & then simmer until carrots & cauliflower are el dente.  Now add the mushrooms & cook for a couple minutes.  In a separate bowl whisk the corn starch into the milk just until there are no starch clumps remaining. 

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Now add the milk/starch mixture into the soup and stir.  Bring to boil again but just until the soup is thickened - IMPORTANT - make sure that you are stirring all the time otherwise the bottom layer of the soup will become pudding and the top layer will just be thin liquid.  The perfectly thickened soup should look like the picture below.

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo 009_zps0ivbbv6k.jpg

Serve immediately & ENJOY!

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo 012_zpseiizitp9.jpg

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  1. I love soup and cauliflower so this is something I would love to make. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This soup looks delicious and healthy :) Thanks for sharing at Together on Tuesdays !!!

  3. Oh, yummy! Those creamy soups are so great during the winter.

  4. I find adding that extra bouillon is essential for a full-bodied flavor with these kinds of soups. Glad you agree!


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