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Biblical Anatomy #10 - CHEEKS


Biblical Anatomy #10 - CHEEKS
Today we continue studying in the series called "Biblical Anatomy."

Anatomy - is the study of parts and structures of organisms.

What is "Biblical Anatomy" you might ask?  It is the study of the structure of the Christian Body.  

Today we focus on CHEEKS:

Cheek - "is the area between the eyes and the jawline. Cheeks are complex anatomical structures made of many muscle fibers, blood vessels, fat cells, minor glands, and other tissue. As an anatomical structure, cheeks have several functions. They take part in eating, talking, and creating facial expressions.".

There were very few Bible verses with the word "cheek" but I found three very important passages.  In these passages there are three lessons to be learned: 
love, forgiveness and endurance.

Both Scripture passages below (Luke & Matthew) recount the same parable but somehow I feel that the lesson is different in the way that each disciple worded their version of what Jesus said.


In the Bible verses below we learn about loving our enemies.  Love is shown through our actions but I also believe that the emotion of love can be shown through our facial expressions (cheeks).  
Let's just use the example in the parable below.  Imagine an enemy is cursing you out and calling you extremely offensive names.  Just imagine how off guard the enemy would be if you just kindly smiled back at them and responded to their insults peacefully?  They wouldn't know what to do.  



I agree that you could make the point that forgiveness and love are the same thing.  Forgiving unconditionally is love and loving unconditionally means forgiveness.  But because this Scripture passage starts off with "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" - that just gives this passage a different meaning to me.
That saying "eye for eye" implies getting even, but Jesus said that we should turn our face if someone slaps us; or that we should not sue a thief when they have stolen from us.  These are very difficult situations to master.  Forgiveness when forgiveness is not deserved - that's mercy.  Jesus showed us mercy and that's why we need to do the same to those around us.



Finally, in the Passage below we are reminded why our cheeks might turn red - embarrassment.  That reaction is mention below:  "I did not hide my face from shame & spitting".  We need to read on though, we learn that God will help those who endure hardships for His Namesake.  We have no reason to be ashamed.
The saying "face like flint" means determination.  I understand this as meaning determination to endure the hardships brought on by enemies ("those who struck me, those who plucked out the beard").


Let's show God's love and forgiveness to everyone around us! - Especially during adversity!

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