Thursday, March 10, 2022

Start Your Own Sweet Potato Slips (with RECIPES)


Start Your Own Sweet Potato Slips

I used to be able to buy 50 sweet potato slips for $25 dollars!  And this was just 4 years ago!  Now it is almost $50 for 50 sweet potato slips.
This increase in price made it necessary for me to learn how to start my own slips and I am amazed at how easy it is; not to mention very enjoyable.    

There are two methods:
1.  Glass jar method
2.  Foil casserole pan method


Each method has it's pros & cons.  The glass method is more tedious and takes a little longer but seems to yield more slips.  The casserole pan method is hands off - basically just plant and leave it alone but the slips do not seem as plentiful as the other method.


You will need many cups or jars.  Fill each jar with water (3/4 full).  Place each sweet potato in their own jar, only allowing the tip of the sweet potato to go halfway into the jar.  Sometimes (if the sweet potato is skinny) - you will have to use toothpicks to hover the sweet potato in the jar so that it won't be totally or mostly submersed in water.  Every couple of days you will need to change the water (I did it every 3 days).  You will begin to notice green growth on the sweet potato section that is not submersed in water.  Once the greenery is large enough, go onto the "ROOTING" step below.



Spread a few inches of potting soil in each foil casserole pan and gently nestle each sweet potato on its side into the dirt (not quite halfway into the dirt)(see picture below).  Water the dirt every 3 or 4 days (or when it the soil is dry - don't over water and cause the taters to rot).  Once the greenery is large enough, go onto the "ROOTING" step below.



Once you see that the slips are fully established (using either method) - simply and gently snap off each slip from the actual sweet potato.  Place this slip in a glass jar until strong roots are established (see pictures below):


Click HERE to view how to plant the slips outside (here in Michigan I plant at the end of May when it is warm enough outside).

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