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God's Power Within Us #1 - NOT A Spirit Of Fear


God's Power Within Us #1 - NOT A Spirit of Fear

I thought that this topic would just require a single post, but after doing my research I realized that this will have to be a series.  God's Word is full of passages talking about His power within us and showing us that we have nonstop access to His strength every second of every day.

I also realized that the Christian population as a whole has become wimpy and wishy-washy.  The proof of this wimpiness occurring is obviously seen in the national human trafficking statistics.  It is estimated that 2 MILLION children go missing every year (click HERE to view my post on "The Sound of Freedom").  How could we (as a society) allow this to happen!!!!!

Remember, Jesus said that we (Spirit filled Christians) are able to perform all of the miraculous works that Jesus did when He was here in human form.  Actually, Jesus said that we would do EVEN GREATER than what He did (see Scripture passage below).


John 14:12-14 also shows us how powerful the name of Jesus Christ is:  "If you ask anything in My name".  (It is important to note that these miracles must glorify our Heavenly Father).

The verse below is probably one of my favorites - when we draw on Christ's strength, nothing is impossible (within God's Will of course).


Since there are so many wonderful "Power" passages in God's Word, I decided to write a "Power" post on the last Sunday of every month.

Below is the featured "power" verse for this month:


The Holy Spirit is indescribably powerful! - And this is the Spirit inside of us!!
Being filled with the Holy Spirit means that there is no room for fear!

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  1. Wimpy and wishy-washy you say? I think a lot of people claim to be Christian or run to church every Sunday but yet they don't live a Christian life. Sorry, that's just my thoughts. It is a crying shame about all of the missing children, doesn't matter how many, one is too many. Only a handful of people will ever do anything about it though :( and those few won't put a dent in the problem. Like our so-called patriots, our country is falling apart and we're all going to sit here and watch it happen. Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedLinkParty 123. Pinned.

    1. I agree - one child is too many.
      Thank you so much for stopping by!


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