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Jude #5 - Apostates Predicted


Jude #5 - Apostates Predicted

We continue studying the book of Jude.  This is part five.

In the New King James Version, the word "Apostate" is used in the subtitles.  We previously defined that word but here it is again, just in case you missed the last couple posts:

Apostate - one who refuses to obey or follow their religious faith;  abandonment of a previous loyalty.

Jude continues on by describing these "apostates" in even more in detail (see verse 16) - we will define some (just to make it clear):

Grumbler - to mutter in discontent;  growl, rumble

Complainer - to express discontent;  gripe

In my mind, grumbling is more insulting than just complaining.  Mumbling is a complaint under your breath - just loud enough and enunciated enough for others to hear.........for the purpose of offending the person that the complaint is about.  Whereas, a complaint is just a picky person whining because they didn't get their way (not an insult against someone else).
They are probably similar but that's the distinction between those two words in my opinion.


These apostates live their life according to whatever they desire - always putting themselves first/before others.  Living their lusts.

Not only does their corruption show through their actions but also through their speech:
"great swelling words, flattering people to gain advantage."
Getting others to do what they want.  This distorted, twisted, fake way of speaking defiles the apostate while also possibly causing others to sin.  These "swelled words" might cause other believers to support evil instead of living for Christ.


Jude reminds us that we were warned that believers would be ridiculed by these "mockers."  Aren't we seeing that totally play out today?  Christians are one of the most "made-fun-of" people in society today.  This mocking is cruel because they are essentially ridiculing the Holy Spirit. 

In verse 19 Jude actually says that these apostates do NOT have the Holy Spirit!

When I saw the word "sensual" used, I thought that's a strange word to use when talking about causing divisions but then when reading the official definition it makes sense:

Sensual - deficient in moral, spiritual or intellectual interests 

Let's recap what we've learned over the past couple posts in regards to the evil actions of the apostates:
We learned that the corruption from these apostates can manifest as - 
- sexual immorality (Sodom & Gomorrah)
- ultimate power (Cain & Abel)
- financial gain/bribery (Balaam)
-  fame/control (Korah)
- stealing from the poor (Agape Feasts)
- grumblers & complainers
- selfish/living in lust
- divisive
- mockers
VOID of the Holy Spirit

We were warned about these infiltrators/apostates - let's make sure to pay attention so that we can identify these evil doers and immediately remove them from the Body of Christ/Christian family.

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