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Mom's Wise Teaching & Mother's Day

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Mom's Wise Teaching & Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day & I'd like to thank every Mom out there for your dedication and caring love that you show your family everyday (a special thanks to my Mom - nobody has a better Mom than me.  I praise & thank God for giving me such wonderful parents).

I know that Mother's Day is a very difficult day for many - some even consider this to be a silly "Hallmark Holiday".  However, I don't see any harm in honoring our moms.  After I read the featured verse I started to think of reasons why this day might be a hardship instead of a joy.

Featured verse:
"Do not forsake your mother's teaching." Proverbs 1:8

If  Mother's Day is a difficult day for you then you might fit into one of these scenarios:

1.  You think that your mother's teachings are ridiculous and even embarrassing.
If this is the case then most likely you are very young - I can remember some attitudinal years during high school where my relationship with my mom was strained.  Time  just flies by - My advice is to cherish every wise word that your mom gives to you.

2.  You are childless and wish that you could pass on the motherly wisdom that you learned from your mom onto your own children.
This is the situation that I struggle with most - however, there is a reason why we are childless (As many of you know - I have written a "Living a Childless Life" Series on this blog - you will see that list below - feel free to click on the titles to see the entire posts).  Why not use everything that your mom has taught you to help others around you (not just your own children).

3.  Your mom has passed away and you miss learning from her wisdom. 
Keep her memory alive by using her wise words in your present day situations.  Again - cherish every second that you have with your mom.

4.  You are bitter because you did/do not have a Godly mom or you do not have a good relationship with your mom.
In this case (maybe you didn't even realize it) but indirectly & through your mom's mistakes you have learned how NOT to live.  This might seem like a backwards way of thinking but instead of allowing bitterness to control your life why not turn your hardships into something positive and pass that positive wisdom down to your children.

Remember your mother's teaching and use that wisdom in your life today!

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