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STORIES#3 - From My Christmas Family Tree Ornament

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo 004_zps5535d6de.jpg

If you missed the post from a few days ago about "My Christmas Family Tree Ornaments - Scrapbook Style" then click HERE to view.

I decided that I will share a few of these pictures each day until Christmas - they will either be MEMORIES or STORIES.  (Memories are obviously something that happened in my lifetime & Stories are taken from pictures that I did not experience but rather heard the descriptions of the events that those pictures portray)

STORY#3 From My Christmas Family Tree Ornaments

My mother-in-law in the U.P. - My mother-in-law is the little girl in the picture above.  She is in the "U.P." (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) with her Swedish grandparents.  She has many wonderful stories of life in the U.P. (too many to recant in this one little post).  But this picture is so darling - just look at that cute little doll and those wrinkly pantyhose!  Her grandparents were wonderful people & you can tell that she was enjoying every minute with them by the expression on her face.  This is a great Story Ornament. 

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  1. What a neat idea! I'm going to pop over and read about the other ornaments. I hope you & your family are having a merry Christmas eve.


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