Thursday, January 30, 2020

Features From The Toledo Museum of Art #23

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for photo ARTmuseum_zpslnluvrca.jpg
Features From My Visit to: The Toledo Museum of Art - #23

TMA (Toledo Museum of Art) is one of my favorite places in Toledo, Ohio.  I first visited this beautiful museum when I was in high school in Canada.  I grew up in the Windsor area and I was privileged to go to a high school with an advanced art program.  We actually visited the TMA twice throughout my high school career.  I had no idea when I was a teenager that I would actually marry an American and then settle in the Toledo area!  I now visit my favorite museum once a year.

I will be featuring a few pieces from the TMA each month.

 photo IMG_14144_zpsnkwlpytb.jpeg
“Young Lady with a Bird and a Dog”
(Oil on canvas)
John Singleton Copely (American 1738-1815)

My photo of this painting does not do the real colors justice - in reality the colors are deeper and more royal (not so orange tinged).
My favorite part of this painting is the dedication shown by the beautiful dog.

This masterpiece is best described by the write-up pasted from "The Toledo Museum of Art" website: 
"Painted as a showpiece to send to a London exhibition, this painting demonstrates John Singleton Copley’s special attention to the details of props and furnishings. His portraits often created an impression of high social position, incorporating elements traditionally included in portraits of British nobility, such as the column and draped curtain. Likewise, an oriental rug, a fashionable Chippendale chair, and an exotic pet like a parrot suggested a wealthy and cultured lifestyle."


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